Classes in Movement, Drama, Singing & Music for 2-5 years
following The Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines.

Sessions are full of energy, will help build confidence, use mime and role play. Jittabugs can help you achieve EYFS targets helping children’s communication, physical development, hand eye co-ordination, creative development and many more. Sessions will encourage children to use imagination, investigate objects and materials using senses, be creative and express themselves.

Weekly themes are used such as Pirates, Animals, The farm, Seasons, Colours to keep children engaged.

All sessions will have a routine starting with our Hello song, a warm up section leading to the weeks theme then a cool down section before our goodbye song and rewarding and recognizing with a sticker and praise. We will work on spatial awareness, up and down, side to side, moving and stopping, teamwork, partner work and solo work, co-ordination and balance. Mime, acting, singing, dance, drama, games, listening skills and counting are all key aspects.

Benefits of Jittabugs Pre-School Move & Groove Classes

  • Improve Self-confidence
  • Improve communication skills
  • Encourage creativity
  • Team Work
  • Use of Imagination
  • Improve Concentration

If you are after an active session for you pre-schooler this is the class for you. None stop from start to finish 45 minutes of action, singing, dancing, moving and learning in the best possible way.

Class Schedule